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Travis Schlegel is the owner of Nuisance Wildlife Marshals a company that can help eliminate any rodent problems. They offer Orlando rat removal in Central Florida.

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Wildlife Removal & Control

We love our animals! Wildlife is obviously a passion of ours. Bat control wildlife removal Orlando attic restoration. All of our technicians are avid outdoors men who have an appreciation for animals that led them to this career. We also understand that in certain situations, these same animals can become a nuisance. When wildlife leaves nature and takes up residence in and around our homes and places of business, it can become a danger to people, property, and the animals themselves. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Marshals, we have wildlife experts who have years of experience handling these wild creatures so you don’t have to.

Armadillo Removal
Coyote Trapping
Opossum Removal
Bat Removal and Exclusion
Hog Control
Raccoon Removal
Bird Control
Snake Removal
Bobcat Trapping
Mole Control
Squirrel Removal

Exclusion and Repairs

At Nuisance Wildlife Marshals we want to see a job well done from start to finish. This means that after the wildlife or pest has been removed or controlled, we want to make sure the problem doesn’t resurface. We offer exclusion services with the leading techniques and durable materials that will essentially “critter-proof” your property. We also deal with another unfortunate side effect of a pest or wildlife infestation….the clean up. Most of the animals we remove and control leave an awful mess behind, which includes damage to insulation and soffit as well as health hazards from their carried parasites and waste. We want to make sure the affected area is decontaminated, sanitized, and restored to a clean and safe area of your home or business.

Are you licensed?

Yes! Any wildlife control operator and certified pest technician should have a special nuisance trapper’s or pest control license issued by the state. They should also possess all relevant city and county occupational licenses, and be willing to display them on request.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Any good wildlife and pest control company should carry all relevant insurance, including general liability insurance. This protects us, and you as the customer, in the event of an accident. Technicians work in attics, on roofs, etc, and if an accident should happen, it’s important that it’s covered by insurance.


Travis was such a blessing. He helped us get rid of raccoons from our attic and cleaned out all of our soiled and damaged attic insulation. Very thankful he was able to help us!


We only utilize humane animal removal methods and pride ourselves on the highest quality work.

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We service most areas in Lake County and Orange County Florida. Out main service area is Orlando, FL.

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We provide full services for wildlife & bat removal, rodent extermination, damage repairs and exclusion.

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What We Do

Nuisance Wildlife Marshals is a locally owned and operated company that employs the highest trained individuals in the field. With over 15 years experience in the nuisance wildlife industry both in and around Central Florida, Nuisance Wildlife Marshals can handle any pest or wildlife control situation. We specialize in removal and exclusion practices for both residential and commercial clients. Our business is fully licensed and insured for operations in Central Florida. 

Wildlife Control Orlando Florida

Have you heard scratching and rustling sounds in your walls or ceiling during the day or at night? Have you been smelling strange smells, or noticing constant foul animal odors in your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the host of rats in your home, if so call our rat control team and put a stop to Orlando rats. We understand that when doing home inspections and finding rodent activity in your home or business is never fun, and that most people would rather prevent animal entry to the rat or mouse with effective rat control, and ultimately stop the pest from occupying the property in the first place. This is why Nuisance Wildlife Marshals of Orlando is committed to helping each and every one of our valued customers, with our team equipped with knowledge over effective animal trapping techniques to treat and maintain pest control over any issues our customers may be experiencing. Throughout central Florida, rat dens that go unnoticed or untreated are more expensive and dangerous to remove the infestations that are uncovered quickly. Crawl spaces, attics, and voids surrounding water pipes are prime real estate for rats seeking a new home. We are the #1 rated rat removing service and control of greater Orlando. Places that homeowners don’t regularly inspect are often more likely to harbor unwanted residents. Here are a few costly problems that can arise from hidden rat infestations that all of our customers that need rat extermination should be aware of.

Rat Removal Orlando FL

Rats are much stronger than their size lets on. They can scratch, chew, and gnaw their way through almost any material they need to, including wiring, lead piping, drywall, insulation, duct work and grating, concrete, and brick. Rat feces and urine also causes damage when it has soaked into various surfaces as well. They are able to cause this kind of damage all throughout a structure and it may require large financial investments to remove and repair all that they have done so the building is up to code again. This damage can be extensive because many rat species live in colonies and where there is one there is many causing damage to a structure. They are also able to cause a lot of damage if they were able to make their way into a home’s food storage areas. If they were able to get into these areas, the food and water will need to be thrown out because it is possible that all of it was contaminated by the rats and can carry disease. This is another part of the major damage that rats can cause; the disease and parasites that come with them.

Bat Removal Orlando, FL

The most common species of bats that our customers deal with is known as the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis). They are found throughout Florida in large numbers and are actually considered to be one of the most abundant mammals in North America. They have short fur that varies in color from dark brown to grayish brown. These particular bats are also equipped with a scent gland that emits a musky odor that is very strong and unique. This species is known for forming huge colonies ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, and they roost almost exclusively in man-made structures such as buildings and bridges. Like most bats, Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats are nocturnal foragers and are most active after dusk. This species is insectivorous and feeds mostly on moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and other insects. They have one pup per year in the early summer and have a lifespan of 6-8 years. These bats can cause issues, so contact us for the best Orlando bat removal and control services in Florida.

Raccoon Removal Orlando, Florida

Raccoons can be pretty messy. Just ask anyone who has had the misfortune of finding their garbage can be toppled over, the contents of which have been strewn all over the lawn. Now imagine what they can do if left inside your home or business for any substantial amount of time. Raccoons taking up residence in an attic or crawl space is extremely common. Why? Because your household’s waste is their constant food source, and since raccoons are not picky about where they make their dens, they are going to make one as close to that constant food source as possible. When raccoons take up residence in an area of your Orlando home they are capable of causing tremendous amounts of property damage. We often find that the damage raccoons do to gain entry to your home or business is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what they do once inside. In a very short amount of time, a family of raccoons is capable of destroying your insulation and filling your home with harmful and odorous urine and feces. Removing the problem isn’t easy. That’s why Orlando raccoon removal services are important to your property. Here are a few costly problems that can arise from a hidden raccoon population that all of our customers should be aware of.

Squirrel Removal Orlando FL

Squirrels are one of those animals, like rabbits and birds, that can be fun to watch as they run around your yard. There are over 200 different species of squirrels across the world and they are all members of the rodent family. They range in sizes from a couple of inches to some species in the world being a couple of feet long. The ones that will be encountered on a person’s property in the United States are going to include species like the red squirrel, fox squirrel, western gray squirrel, and the eastern gray squirrel. Though they are small, these animals of the Orlando wildlife can be a nuisance. We can help with the critter control by providing the best Orlando squirrel removal services in Central Florida.

Snake Removal Orlando, FL

While snakes can actually play a beneficial role in the environment, eating and eliminating small rodents and other vermin, many people are not comfortable with having snakes, especially these venomous kinds, anywhere near their property. This aversion comes with good reason. The presence of any kind of venomous snake in or around a home or business poses a very serious threat that puts everyone in the area at risk, especially small children, and pets. We provide the best Orlando snake removal services to ensure your safety.

Venomous snakes may not cause any environmental or property damage, but they are a huge threat to our population’s health. Every Florida resident should be able to identify a venomous snake.

Main Areas Serviced

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