Our Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We service all of Central Florida including the following counties: Lake, Seminole, Osceola, Orange, Volusia, Brevard, Polk, Sumter, and Marion.

What do you do with the animals once they are captured?

This depends first and foremost on the state laws regarding wildlife possession and transport for wildlife control trappers. We will obey the law first. The fate of the animal may have to do with the species. Certain rabies vectors in certain states must be euthanized (killed) by law. Some protected animals can’t be harassed at all. We aim to do the humane thing. If the animal is healthy and it’s legal to relocate it, that’s the option we usually prefer. If the animal is injured or sick, it’s sometimes best to humanely euthanize it. Overall, we aim to keep the customer informed about the right thing to do.

Can’t the city or county take care of the problem for free?

No. Government animal control, such as city or county animal services, only deal with domestic animals – dogs and cats. This includes things like bite reports, pet abuse complaints, barking or dangerous dogs, etc. It’s true that certain government services used to help with select wildlife cases, but they did NOT perform true professional wildlife control. For example, if you had a raccoon in your attic, the county might lend you a cage trap to put on the ground, then pick up the raccoon and trap once it’s caught. They wouldn’t inspect the attic, they wouldn’t tell you about the ducts that were torn open, they wouldn’t remove the litter of baby raccoons by hand, they wouldn’t set a professional type trap on the roof near the entry hole, they wouldn’t seal the hole shut after the raccoons were removed, they wouldn’t identify vulnerable areas on the roof and do preventative sealing, they wouldn’t clean the raccoon waste, etc. Wildlife control is a complex and specialized field requiring a lot of work and dedication. Even if the county animal services were willing to help with wildlife issues, they wouldn’t do close to a complete job. Regardless, the city/county won’t help, and wildlife control is now in the hands of the private pest control sector, and thus service has drastically improved!


Do you take care of termites or other insects?

Yes! We take care of all nuisance wildlife as well as any insects and pests, including termites!

Are you licensed?

Yes! Any wildlife control operator and certified pest technician should have a special nuisance trapper’s or pest control license issued by the state. They should also possess all relevant city and county occupational licenses, and be willing to display them on request.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Any good wildlife and pest control company should carry all relevant insurance, including general liability insurance. This protects us, and you as the customer, in the event of an accident. Technicians work in attics, on roofs, etc, and if an accident should happen, it’s important that it’s covered by insurance.


Why do you charge the prices you do?

Each company charges different rates, just like any business in the world. There’s no standard rates. Furthermore, wildlife control situations vary wildly. There’s no one-price-fits-all scenario. Trapping an opossum under the deck is a heck of a lot easier than removing 2000 bats from the steeple of an old church. Please be aware that nuisance wildlife control is a specialty field, and the professional companies have a lot of overhead costs – from licensing and insurance to supplies and equipment, to the risk we all undertake – of climbing on tough roofs, exposure to rabies, etc. Nuisance wildlife control is not any cheaper than plumbing or electrical work or any other skilled field. You should be able to describe your problem to your wildlife operator over the phone and get a fair idea of the approximate cost.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover.

Do you pick up dead animals?

Yes. If you’ve got a dead animal on your property or in your house, you do need to call a wildlife removal professional if you want it removed and properly disposed of.


Do you only handle residential jobs?

No! The experts at Nuisance Wildlife Marshals are prepared and experienced in handling small and large scale commercial businesses and properties.

Which animals do you handle?

WILDLIFE! Nuisance wildlife in particular. Any wild animal that is causing a conflict with a person. This most commonly means squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, birds, bats, snakes, moles, etc. If in doubt, call us. We love the challenge of interesting wildlife!

Which animals don’t you handle?

Dogs, of course. We also don’t handle any animal protected by the state or other legislation. If in doubt, give us a call.