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Leesburg Coyote Removal Services

Nuisance Coyote Control and Trapping in Leesburg

As humans continue to build homes near wild areas, human-wildlife encounters are almost certain. Leesburg coyotes can cause the most trouble in rural areas, and although they are generally not a threat to humans, they will prey on small pets and livestock such as cats and small dogs, chickens, and ducks. Small pets or other animals should never be left outside unattended. If they must be left outside, keep them in an enclosed area with a roof. For coyote control, trapping, and extraction, get in touch with Nuisance Wildlife Marshals.

Coyote Biology

Coyotes (Canis latrans) are found in several habitat types and are common in rural, suburban, and even some urban landscapes. The presence of coyotes has been documented in all 67 Florida counties. Coyotes are medium-sized mammals in the same family as dogs, wolves and foxes. Coyote fur is generally salt-and-pepper gray, with tan or brown patches. Coyotes have a thick, bushy tail, long, pointy nose and pointy ears. Adult coyotes in Florida weigh between 20 and 35 pounds on average, and males are generally larger and heavier than females.

Coyote Damages

Coyotes are elusive and shy animals that are going to avoid contact with people at all costs. They are animals that is going to cause the most issues for Leesburg’s farmers and those who keep pets and livestock on their private property in pens and coops. Coyotes want to make their way in to get to the food source and go. Much of the damage they are going to cause is in the form of killed livestock and pets and possible damage to pens, coops, and fencing. There are dangers that they can pose and these are the major reasons why dealing with nuisance coyotes in Leesburg should be left to the professionals. Removing coyotes is necessary for safety.

Coyote Dangers

Coyotes are not going to pose a direct physical threat to people unless they are cornered or feel threatened in some way. The dangers they pose are to the livestock and pets that people have. Coyotes are going to try and feed on any animal that is available to them. This includes small dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and lambs. The predators pose a serious threat to these animals and it is necessary for farmers and owners to take the proper precautions to protect them and have professionals remove coyotes. If it is a possibility, owners need to bring the animals in at night, whether it is into a secure barn, home, pen, or coop. They also want to make sure that these structures are well maintained, and the coyotes are not able to find a way inside. Livestock and pet owners may also want to consider fencing that is sufficient in keeping them out.

Coyote Diseases

Coyotes can also pose a certain amount of disease and parasite problems as well. They have been known to carry and transmit rabies. Rabies is a disease that is present in the mucous membranes of the carriers and it attacks the central nervous system when it is contracted. It is passed through bites and scratches that are obtained by the infected from the carrier. The symptoms of this disease can start out resembling the flu and evolve into hallucinations, tremors, excessive salivation, and paralysis. This threat must be taken seriously and proper preocedures must take place for coyote control and removal.

Coyote Parasites

Coyotes can also spread fleas and ticks to the yards, pastures, and animals that they come into contact with. These parasites are capable of carrying and transmitting a whole host of diseases and viruses. Coyotes contract these diseases from the animals in which they feed on and they will carry them on to future hosts. These parasites can create serious dangers for people, pets, and livestock. Call us today if you are in need of coyote trapping in Leesburg Florida.