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Leesburg Squirrel Removal, Control and Trapping

Overview and Leesburg Squirrel Removal

If you are in a need of Leesburg squirrel removal services, contact us today to get the best solution to your problem right away. Squirrels are one of those animals, like rabbits and birds, that can be fun to watch as they run around your yard. There are over 200 different species of squirrels across the world and they are all members of the rodent family. They range in sizes from a couple of inches to some species in the world being a couple of feet long. The ones that will be encountered on a person’s property in the United States are going to include species like the red squirrel, fox squirrel, western gray squirrel, and the eastern gray squirrel. We also offer squirrel control Sorrento, Florida and squirrel removal service Mount Dora, FL.

Though they are small, these animals of the Leesburg wildlife can be a nuisance. We can help with the critter control by providing the best Leesburg squirrel removal services in Central Florida.



Outdoor Damage

Although they are a non-aggressive animal, their habits will cause damage, both outside and inside a home. The damage that they will do outside will be the result of their foraging habits while they are looking for food. They can cause damage to gardens and landscaping as they hunt for their various food sources including nuts, seeds, tree bark, flowers, and fungi. They may devastate a garden or chew the bark off the ornamental trees throughout a yard. They may also leave holes across the yard while they dig for nuts and seeds in the ground.

Indoor Damage

Inside the home, they can do a great deal of damage to the structure of the home. They are going to spread their urine and feces throughout the areas of the home in which they are living and nesting. They will also chew all sorts of different things within the structure like wood beams, pipes, insulation, vent grating, and wiring. The chewed wiring can cause the most damage to a home. This can cause an electrical short through the system and exposed wires can be a serious fire hazard. These wires can be even more dangerous because, many times, a homeowner will not even know that wire is damaged until a fire starts.

Attic Squirrel Removal

With the nature of these animals, sprays and deterrents are not going to be as effective and it is necessary to physically remove them from the attic or whatever space they are inhabiting. A professional should be called in for Leesburg squirrel removal because they are going to know where to look and where else in the home they may have gone besides the attic. They are also going to understand how to safely relocate the animal so that they can live a happy life somewhere where they are not going to be disturbed by people.

Clean Up and Damage Repairs

Once they are gone the process of repair and cleaning can take place. The areas where they were living are going to need to be cleaned of all of the feces, urine, and destroyed insulation that they like to nest in. The homeowner may need to replace any and all things that they have chewed on like pipes, insulation, and wiring. The professional Leesburg squirrel removal expert will also help the homeowner identify the places where they are making entry so that those areas can be repaired and closed up to avoid future issues.