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Looking for Mount Dora rat removal services? Have you heard scratching and rustling sounds in your walls or ceiling during the day or at night? Have you been smelling strange smells, or noticing constant foul odors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be hosting rodents in your home. We understand that finding rodent activity in your Mount Dora home or business is never fun and that most people would rather prevent the rat or mouse from ever occupying the property in the first place. This is why Nuisance Wildlife Marshals are committed to helping all of our valued customers treat and maintain control over any rodent issues by providing effective Mount Dora rat extermination services. Unnoticed or untreated rodent dens are more expensive and dangerous to remove than infestations that are uncovered quickly. Crawl spaces, attics, and voids surrounding water pipes are prime real estate for rodents seeking a new home. Places that homeowners don’t regularly inspect are often more likely to harbor unwanted residents. Here are a few costly problems that can arise from hidden rodent infestations that our customers should be aware of. We also offer rat control Lake Mary, Florida and rat removal service Orlando, FL.

Rat Biology

The rats that our customers most commonly deal with are roof rats, also known as black rats or citrus rats. They prefer warm climates and have an affinity for living above ground level, often in trees and attics. Being agile climbers, roof rats frequently enter buildings from the roof or accesses near utility lines which they use to travel from area to area. In tropical or semi-tropical regions, the breeding season may be nearly year-round. Rats typically give birth to a litter of 5-8 young after a gestation period of 21-23 days. They are sexually mature at three months of age, and their average lifespan is approximately one year. Rats see poorly, relying more on smell, taste, touch, and hearing. In the local area in particular, if your property is located on or near a waterway, in proximity to large open fields, or wooded areas, the potential for a rodent problem significantly increases. We provide top rated Mount Dora Florida rat control services to help control this problem.

Property Damage

Rats are much stronger than their size lets on. They can scratch, chew, and gnaw their way through almost any material they need to, including wiring, lead piping, drywall, insulation, duct work and grating, concrete, and brick. Rat feces and urine also causes damage when it has soaked into various surfaces as well. They are able to cause this kind of damage all throughout a structure and it may require large financial investments to remove and repair all that they have done so the building is up to code again. This damage can be extensive because many rat species live in colonies and where there is one there is many causing damage to a structure. They are also able to cause a lot of damage if they were able to make their way into a home’s food storage areas. If they were able to get into these areas, the food and water will need to be thrown out because it is possible that all of it was contaminated by the rats and can carry disease. This is another part of the major damage that rats can cause; the disease and parasites that come with them.

Electrical and Duct Work Damages

Rodents love to chew on wires, insulation, and pretty much anything else they can get their paws on. Rats and mice actually need to chew continuously, since their teeth never stop growing in their lifetimes. Electrical damage caused by rodents isn’t just expensive —— it’s dangerous. When rats or mice remove the protective insulation, bare wires can spark an electrical fire. Rodents may even come in contact with electrical panels and areas that can affect the electrical system of your entire home.

Duct work, air conditioning units, and other critical building systems can all be infiltrated by rats, which can reduce the efficiency of equipment or cause permanent damage, forcing the homeowner to pay for costly repairs and replacements.

Disease, Contamination & Odors

Germs found in rodent droppings, urine, and saliva contaminate cabinets, counters, and other household surfaces, exposing occupants to salmonella, hantavirus, and various bacterial diseases. Various rat diseases are also transmitted to people when food and water supplies are unknowingly contaminated with rat feces, urine, or saliva. Direct contact with the rat or handling a dead animal during disposal can also cause problems. Rats are a source of a lot of different diseases, infections, and parasites that will cause illness or serious health concerns. They can cause different bacterial infections like salmonellosis (caused by the Salmonella bacterium) and Leptospirosis (caused by the Streptobacillus moniliformis bacterium), which can cause serious illness in people that will require immediate medical attention and possible hospitalization. Parasites like fleas and ticks can carry diseases that rats contract from a host rat they feed on. One of the most well-known illnesses spread by the fleas of rats is the Bubonic plague. It is a rare disease to catch but not impossible. There are cases of it every year in the United States. Rodent colonies are also linked to unpleasant odors. Infestations can contribute to smells that can aggravate asthma, allergies, and cause or exacerbate respiratory problems. Rodents also may become trapped and die in confined areas of your home, which can cause extreme odor problems that will require removal and fumigation. Call us today if you are in need of a Mount Dora rat extermination company that knows how to get rid of rats!