Seminole County Florida

General Information About Seminole County Florida

The largest city in Seminole County, Florida is Sanford. It is also the county seat. The county has a population of 422,718 based on the 2010 census. The U.S Census Bureau data shows that the county occupies a total of 345 square miles consisting of land area of 309 and water of around 36 square miles.

Seminole County’s land area and total area makes it one of the smallest counties in Florida, but it is considered one of the fastest-growing in Florida because of its location between Volusia County and Orange County. The Greater Orlando-Metropolitan District provides vast potential not only for residential development but also for economic growth. The District is composed of the counties of Seminole, Orange, Osceola, and Lake as well as the surrounding counties of Volusia and Brevard.

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The name of Seminole County was reportedly derived from cimarron, a Span-ish word which means runaway or wild.

In 1913, the county was created by the Florida Legislature from a portion of Orange County specifically the northern part. The county has then grew through the years in all facets to emerge as one of the social-cultural Utopias and economic hubs of Florida state.

Famous Attractions

The Seminole-Wekiva Trail is one of the popular attractions in Seminole County. The paved recreational trail measuring nearly 14 miles is one of the showcase trails in the county because of its beauty and length. A portion of the trail is also part of the popular Florida National-Scenic Trail.

Another popular attraction is the Lower Wekiva-River Preserve-State Park which showcases the rich wildlife of the county to include black bears, river otters, alligators and wood storks. The Wekiva River is the perfect place if you want to ride a canoe. The Wekiva River can be ac-cessed through the south entrance hiking trails, through hiking and horseback riding along Fechtel Tract and through Katie’s Landing.


Central Florida has many lakes and one of the largest is Lake Jesup. The lake was named in honor of an American military officer named Brigadier-General Thomas Jesup. The river’s inflow and outflow source is the St. Johns River. It occupies around 16,000 acres of floodplain and open water area. The lake may be a beauty to behold, but be forewarned that alligators abound in the area. It is also natural to see the osprey, bald eagles, and other species of eagles waiting for their next meal.

Another landmark in Seminole County is the Big-Tree Park, which can be found along the General-Hutchinson Parkway. If you are interested in exploring the Cross-Seminole Trail, then being familiar with the area will make the trek easier as it a Trailhead for the trail. Visitors flock to the park because of its sheer beauty. One of the landmarks at the park is the site of the National Champion-Bald Cypress-Tree which is said to be 3,500 years old before it got burned in 2012. In place of the tree, you will see a clone of “The Senator” and a tree stump playground piece. It is also home to “Lady Liberty”, also a Bald Cypress Tree said to be 2,000 years old.

Natural Attractions

There are many natural attractions in Seminole County and one of them is the Rock-Springs Run State-Reserve.

The State Park, which measures 14,000 hectares, is home to artesian springs, Indian woods, pine flatwoods, and several rivers and creeks namely the Rock-Springs Run, Wekiwa Springs-Run and the Seminole Creek.

The Park is an ideal place for canoeing, hiking, horseback riding and bicycling.

Common Facts

With a $29,795 per capita income, the Seminole County is considered one of the counties in Florida with a high income. Sanford City which is the county seat, is popularly known as the “Historic-Waterfront Gateway-City.”

The City’s downtown area boasts not only of an attractive walking trail but also a marina and several shops and restaurants that provide tour-ists with modern amenities.

Famous People From Seminole County Florida

There are not too many popular celebrities from Seminole County but actress Dawn Olivieri was born here. She has starred in many television series and movies including “The Last-Witch Hunter”, “House of-Lies” and “American Hustle.” Her most iconic role so far is providing a voice to the character of Pepper Pots in the animated series “Avengers” on Disney XD.

Administrative Set-up

The Seminole County government has adopted a County Charter in 1989. The Board of County-Commissioners has been vested legislative authority and are tasked with policy making in the County. The Board consists of five members elected in a countywide election with a term of four years.,_Florida