What Are The Health Risks Of Squirrel Droppings?

Squirrel Feces

Everyone who has actually ever dealt with a squirrel infestation in an attic or wall cavity will be really knowledgeable about squirrel feces, and the series of various issues that can be brought on by this little and reasonably harmless-looking substance. There are a variety of various diseases and conditions that squirrels are known to carry, and a lot of the most hazardous diseases that exist in the squirrel population are transferred through feces and urine. If you are preparing to deal with a squirrel infestation, or you are planning to increase into an attic since you believe there might be squirrels present, it is very important to plan properly to ensure you are prepared to handle the feces. Learn more about Orlando FL squirrel removal.

Important Precautions When Dealing With Squirrels And Their Feces

Because of the conditions that can be sent by squirrels, especially those zoonotic diseases that can be passed from squirrel to human, it is important that you take the best preventative measures prior to you start to determine and deal with a squirrel invasion. The feces can carry spores and bacteria that can end up being air-borne when it is disrupted, so it is smart to use a pair of goggles over your eyes and a mask to guarantee that you don’t breathe in any of these. Because touching the feces is also hazardous, you will wish to use an excellent pair of gloves, and long-sleeved clothing or a set of overalls to prevent any unintentional contact.

What Does Squirrel Feces Look Like?

This is a very crucial question as the feces of the squirrel is one of the main elements that you can use to discriminate in between a rat invasion and a squirrel infestation, along with the truth that squirrels tend to be more active during the day. In regards to color, you will typically find that squirrel feces will be a light brown, rusty or reddish color, while rat feces is generally darker brown and even black. It is likewise essential to take note of the shape of the feces, as the diet plan of the 2 animals is quite various, and you will find that the pellets of squirrel feces are usually slightly thicker in the center with rounded edges, while the rat droppings are narrower and tend to have a more pointed end.

Illness Transmitted By Squirrel Feces

There are a variety of diseases that can be transmitted through the feces of squirrels in the same method that it is transmitted by other rodents, which is why it is really important to be careful when handling the material. The biggest concern is the presence of leptospirosis in the feces, which is a bacterial condition that is spread out through the feces and urine of rodents, and while it can be relatively mild oftentimes, triggering flu-like signs, in other situations it can lead to serious respiratory issues or even death. Salmonella is another condition that you can catch easily from squirrel feces, and this will typically cause signs such as diarrhea and vomiting, but is rarely deadly.

Cleaning And Disposing Of The Feces

If you have had the bad luck of discovering a squirrel invasion in a wall cavity or an attic space, it is very crucial that you clean the area thoroughly, as the feces will leave a fragrance that is sensed by other animals and may draw them into the area. Since the volume of feces found in the attic, you will generally require to utilize a vacuum to get much of the feces, with a filter vacuum with strong suction best for this kind of work. In most cases, it may have stuck on to a hard surface, so using a chisel knife can assist you to get these off too.

Try to prevent any contamination of other parts of the home as you eliminate the feces, and when outside this can either be disposed of with the trash, or it can be buried well away from your property.

Sanitizing The Area And Repairing Soiled Material

In situations where the insulation in the attic has actually been stained by squirrel feces and urine, it will frequently be practically difficult to get all of the feces out, and if left in place the scents can really bring in more squirrels. This is why you ought to want to replace the insulation, and likewise make sure that any entry points into the attic are firmly sealed, otherwise, the hard work that you have carried out to get rid of the insulation might be needed once again when more squirrels move in. As soon as the insulation has actually been repaired and you have cleaned up as much of the feces as possible, it is best to use a disinfectant spray throughout the attic to kill any staying germs so that the area is safe for people to enter once again.



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