Why Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons are most typically known for being cuddly little bandit-masked creatures, but while they may be completely charming in online pictures, they’re actually repellent beasts in adorable and furry camouflage. While seeing one of these charming little trash pandas out in the open may yank on your heartstrings, there are plenty of reasons why raccoons are awful little beasts. Search for Orlando raccoon removal service near me for more ideas.

Raccoons Are One Of The Primary Carriers Of Rabies

Raccoons are among the main – if not the biggest – carriers of rabies in the United States. They are likewise the most frequently reported wild animal, according to the Center for Disease Control, representing 28.6% of all animal rabies reports in 2017.

While these reports are discovered heavily on the east coast, it’s normally in your finest interest to avoid a raccoon no matter where you see it. And if you get bit by a rabid raccoon – or any wild animal – you’re going to have a bad time.

They Will Seriously Mess Up Your Pets Over Food

If you’re not mindful about where you leave your cat or pet’s food, raccoons might simply smell it out and consume it themselves. If the raccoon ends up cornered and they do happen to end up getting into a fight, it’s extremely easy for a raccoon to seriously mess up a pet or, even worse, kill it.

Raccoons will initially opt for the dog’s eyes, blinding it before it starts jabbing at the chest. This causes a pet dog’s lungs to collapse. Raccoon nails are sharp and have been understood to penetrate a pet dog’s abdominal area and into their organs.

Fatal Diseases and Parasites Hang Around In Their Poop

The droppings of raccoons carry a major amount of diseases. And if it takes place to come in contact with kids or animals, it can be deadly. If a raccoon chooses to calm down in or around your yard, you could perhaps wind up with a variety of nasty illnesses. Their fecal matter and urine can carry leptospirosis, salmonella, and raccoon roundworm.

Where leptospirosis and salmonella are contracted from coming in direct contact with the raccoon’s waste, you can capture raccoon roundworm by just being close enough to breathe in the roundworm’s eggs, making their fecal matter in any type very harmful.

Raccoons Have A Reputation For Mauling People

All throughout the Internet, you can find accounts of people being viciously attacked by raccoons, either alone or in packs. From posts on the online forum to news reports, there are countless recollections from individuals who have been completely scratched, bitten, and mauled by mad raccoons in various scenarios.

While there are no tough numbers on how many raccoons attack people each year, there is lots of anecdotal evidence. Specialists say raccoons are naturally extremely bold and curious, which means it will put itself in close proximity to humans. It’s not typical for routine raccoons to attack unless they feel threatened, and even then it’s more typical for them to freeze. If a raccoon is rabid, it will assault and viciously so.

Raccoon Teeth Are Made For Shredding Things

Although raccoons are omnivores, their canine teeth are produced shredding. While their bottom canine teeth are curved, the top teeth are the ones that will seriously do some damage. Rather than being a curved tooth, their upper canines are straight and pertain to a complete point, just like a knife. In comparison, you can see just how much raccoon teeth appear like flatware, and let your imagination do the rest.

Raccoons Have Two Sets Of 10 Dangerous Claws

Raccoons come fully equipped with 5 fingers on each hand, and every finger features a really sharp, non-retractable claw. While these claws make them great at climbing up, raccoons are likewise quickly threatened. If they seem like they’ve been backed into a corner, you get too near to their babies, they won’t be reluctant to utilize them with full blast.

Infant Raccoons Usually Have An Aggressive Mother Nearby

Seeing an infant raccoon in the wild can be in exceptionally adorable experience, however, it’s best to keep away from it if you think a mom raccoon is anywhere close-by. Mother raccoons are very protective of their young, as they have the responsibility of safeguarding them all by themselves.

While the children are in the nest, the mother raccoon will often be on patrol around the area trying to find possible predators. If she sees you as a predator, she’s going to become extremely aggressive and treat you like one, which might leave you in a nasty scenario.

Raccoons Terrorize Small Livestock

Wild raccoons will intimidate small livestock, particularly chickens or hens, that have been left out in a coop. Raccoons are not attacking these animals to eat them, rather, they’re trying to steal their eggs or any food left for them in their coops.

If they get in, they’ll tear chickens to shreds simply to consume their eggs. While they generally will not consume the chickens, they’ll leave them as a bloody mess and sometimes consume at the breast and entrails before catching their eggs. What’s even scarier is raccoons will generally perform these chicken attacks in the night while the chickens are asleep.

Raccoons Can Not Be Domesticated

Taking a raccoon out of the wild and making it your individual animal is not just illegal in some states, however, it’s also incredibly inexpedient. While raccoons can be taught techniques, they are not social animals and can not be domesticated, even though several generations of breeding. Keeping a raccoon as an animal can wind up in a vicious attack if the animal feels stressed, which can leave the owner severely screwed up.

They’re also just basic annoyances. If they do not screw up their owner’s faces, they most definitely will ruin their house. Raccoons are understood to be devastating animals and will rip apart furnishings, bedding, and even walls.

Raccoons Eat Car Wires And Destroy Interiors

Raccoons will often utilize the within automobiles as nesting websites. That’s because cars are typically dry and warm, and when it’s off and left alone it’s the best welcome to any animal trying to find a brand-new place to settle down. If a raccoon chooses to make an automobile into a den, it can trigger countless dollars worth of damage by chewing up the cars and truck’s internal electrical wiring and damaging whatever else it decides to search around with on the within.



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